Why Do Canvas Tents Deserve To Be The Best Choices Of Campers?

Technically, there is a broad range of material in use for the manufacturing process of tent’s parts such as the wall, ceiling, and floor. They include nylon, canvas and so on. Each type has particular advantages. But, in comparison, the canvas seems to get more appreciation than ever.

In fact, despite a few drawbacks, the tent with the material of canvas always take advantage over others. The blend of polyester and cotton is what providers say about this fabric.

The tent from canvas makes an impression for users at first sight by force of remarkable features such as material and quality..


A combination of two great materials

As mentioned above, there are two key compounds in use for the canvas making line, namely, cotton and polyester. All of them contribute to a high quality of a tent.


For a long time, the outdoor gear industry has taken use of cotton a the primary material of the canvas. It is because that this fabric features a breathability and sealing capacity functionality. Hence, the water resistance is available. It means that the fabric will prevent water and moisture from penetrating insides.

It is the reason why here is the most reasonable product for a camping day with the rough weather. You cannot forecast exactly when the rain or storm will come.


Thanks to the enhancement of manufacturing process, people spend another fabric for tents so-called polyester. The important advantage of such type is the strength. And the next one is the lightweight. Consequently, both of them enable users to set up as well as pack up the tents more quickly and simply.

Polyester and Cotton

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The Technical Cotton or TC is the way experts in this industry call the combination of Polyester and Cotton. In the compound, Polyester makes up approximately 65%, and the other proportion belongs to Cotton.

This cloth type is better than the one with only Cotton or Polyester. They have a function of withstanding the sunlight and water penetration as well. In comparison with other, this one is stronger.

Moreover, it comes in handy with the water resistance characteristic thanks to a covering of polyurethane. Having said that this compound reduces the level of breathability of tents. So, the breathable TC is in need in the market afterward.

The perfect quality of canvas tents

In fact, it does not matter for all campers to use the canvas cloth for tents in a long term since manufacturers can exactly make sure about their quality.

For instance, the natural condition including rain or wind may cause the product worse during the time of using. But, there is no problem at all. In the execution of manufacturing, producers add a treatment of waterproofing into their products. By this betterment, such type of tent is usually the first option of outdoor gears.

Besides the advantage above, the strong one is also an active point which customers can find in the canvas products of the tent. It is the fabric with a strong durability against any stress or tug.

The reality shows that the tent with the material of canvas will be more expensive than other ordinary products. Nonetheless, a pricey cost is likely to offer beyond-expectation quality. In case, you are engaged in camping regular and regarding it as a long-term hobby, the investment for a canvas gear is not regretful.

Retention of color

An old appearance of a tent will negatively affect the emotion of campers who are on the camping trip for relaxation. Despite an impressive durability, the degradation in color often makes users disappointed so far. In contrast, an excellent color of the tent in conjunction with a real picture of green tree surely makes everyone relaxed.

Realizing about such issue manufactures create tents with the canvas weave which is much tight. The advanced structure allows the color to retain extraordinarily long and stand durable even in the harsh condition of nature.

Even though any kinds of colors, from dark to light, are in use to apply into tent cloth, they will be still durable regardless outside effects. It seems to be one of the best characteristic of such fabric to make it different among masses on the market.

In case you have not still had any idea for such products, check the video below to get more information.


There is a broad range of tents out there on the market. However, choosing the most reasonable one has been not easy. If you are searching for a durable, beautiful and high-quality shelter for your camping trip, the canvas tents are practical.

Hope that reasons in the article will help you pick the best tent with the most suitable price.

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