How To Be In Safe By Survival Straps: Here Is The Top Functionality

There are many things in life that humans cannot foresee. It is impossible for anybody to know when and where they may be in danger. So, precaution is essential for such reason.

Many years ago, especially in the wartime, soldiers carried heavy weapons such as guns, knives or even ropes to protect themselves from the death situations. But it is an old story.

Nowadays, when the lightweight and handy features always get the appreciation, protective tools also catch the trend. And survival straps are not in an exception. With the structure like a bracelet, it becomes your loyal partner in any emergency.


What is a survival bracelet?

For a lot of folks, especially those who are keen on the outdoor activities, this strap type is an accessory which is not only cool but also versatile for both short and long journeys.

With a parachute cord about 30cm, you will have from three to ten single strands which just weight approximately 170gr in total. Makers will tie al of them together neatly so that users can wear them on hands as jewelry.

Despite a tight connection of the strap, it is still easy to unbundle them when you are in need. On the market these days, there is a broad range of materials to make such saving accessory. Everyone can ultimately achieve it at home.

Check this video for an effortless process

How can survival straps save your life?

If you are wondering what way the parachute cord in shape of the bracelet can protect you from danger, this is the answer.

A quick run

Most of such accessories are in use for people who are engaged in having trips to be closer to nature like a camp in the forest. But, how could it be if you feel some danger in which wild animals are coming? I bet that a large number of individuals in these cases will run as quickly as possible.

However, your lovely shoes probably betray their owners because of the loose shoelaces. Studies have shown that the more carefully you lace your shoes, the higher opportunities of preventing injuries you get.

The strap on your wrist will save your life in a case that you find some problems with the shoelaces. Replacement by paracord is practical so far. Then, you are safe from danger.

The backpack repairing

Back to the hiking or trekking journeys into the wildness, they often last days or even weeks. So, carrying a heavy bag of all necessary supplies should be the priority.

Unfortunately, your bag, sometimes, is not as good as you expect. It’s covering can get a tear or zippers may not work well. In such bad luck circumstance, let’s think of a survival parachute cord. It will become an optimal material of sewing.

A trail marking

Unlike the hustle and bustle of the city where you live, the forest is vast and difficult to navigate. No one can make sure that you will never get lost among the wildness. And hunger and fear will drive you crazy.

If you have a survival bracelet at that time, why don’s you unwind it and tie it to the trunk? Therefore, you have an ideal preparation of spots which are visible. It is free for you to explore the wood afterward.

Fire starting device

Among outdoors men, they tell each other how to create a fire by the parachute cord they wear during the time of the generic discovery.

In the middle of a desolate place, the fire is necessary. You may need fire to light up the campsite, to cook food or to warm the body up on chilly winter days. Unless you have lighters and matches, a bracelet of numerous strands will do you a favor and make your day.

So, what is the method? On your bracelet, makers have already attached with a saw blade. It is the spotlight of starting a fire. In the one side of such accessory, there is one kind of knot. You pull it out to get that metal piece and then make a friction between this and a rock or something that can make fire efficiently.

Animal trapping snares

What is better than that you go on a camp into the wildness and have chances of enjoying meals from nature. Food may be fishes in the stream or some animals you trap.

When there is no fish, a snare becomes a game with animals on the ground. Under the shape of a net, people design a trap to entangle animals. And, of course, it is annoying to carry a net with you. It just adds the weight for your backpack. It is possible for you to make it by your survival parachute cord.

You tie one strand end to the brand of a tree and create a loose knot on the other side. When animals are passing, the system you set up will work well, and your target cannot escape anymore. So, it is time to enjoy your meal.

Improvement in the tent stability

You are planning to sleep outdoors in nature, and you think that it is not ignorable to make a shelter. Nothing is more impressive that lying on the grass and look at a sky of twinkle stars. But the greatness will end in case of suddenly unusual weather. Hence, preparation for a camp is a deal better.

Having said that it is not easy to hike or trek with a set of tent accessories. In fact, you can forget them from now on due to the presence of saving straps.

A range of simple steps is available.

First of all, you search for a tree that is dry to help your tent stand upright. A note that it is not good to pick one near the watery places because it does not guarantee high quality.

Secondly, you choose an area which is spacious enough for you alone or with friends to lie comfortably.

Finally, you plug the tree you have found the ground and cover a with waterproof cloth and stretch it with parachute cord from your bracelet. There are two knots. You tie one of them to the top of the tent and the other with piles on the ground. And you finish the execution.


The information above is the six among various functions of survival straps. Additionally, there are many other benefits that you will find in the event of an emergency or even in danger.

Instead of picking the great shaped and big protective accessories, it is reasonable for all of you to purchase and wear a parachute cord all the time. Although it is small, an enormous saving is ready for your safety.

If you find it advantageous to bring these, let’s introduce your family as well as your friends so that everyone will be a safe zone where they can protect themselves all the time.

There is an expectation that you will feel this information helpful.Good luck and million thanks for taking your time to read.

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