What Are The Best Camping Games for Adults?

A camping holiday is a fun and memory-worthy event for all ages. There are a plenty of games for both kids and adults to play while camping. Thus, you may find it difficult to find out the best camping games for adults. What if there are no kids taking part in your camping trip? In that case, we will choose out some fun games designed for younger adventures and would be preferable for adults.

Someone will suggest poker, board games or volleyball; all of them sound great but I would like some other funnier and newer games for adults on an outdoor weekend. Those games should involve a higher degree of skill and concentration in order to make them more enjoyable. Sometimes, you may possibly add alcohol or certain actions to the games to increase interestingness.

Hereafter, I will give you some recommendations of the best games for adults while camping for your reference.


1. Glow-in-the-dark Ring Toss


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Glow-in-the-dark ring toss is a super easy game but very interesting. Every piece of the ring is detachable and you are possible to collapse them in some ways, in the other words, it is extra simple for you to assemble and carry around.

The ingredients for this game include:

  • Each person has the own necklaces and bracelets before throwing them in the rings
  • ​The ring toss peg is simply a sheet of newspaper or a paper plate
  • A cylinder of some sort that is a paper towel roll core or even a stick
  • Modeling clay or play dough in order to support the cylinder
  • Scotch tape so as to secure some glow sticks around the peg

You will be surprised at the ring glows in the dark, especially when you get a match. It is such the best camping games for adults, isn’t it? Do you think so?

2. Beersbee

The Best Camping Games for Adults?


Another popular game that most of the campers and travelers love to play is called Beersbee, a sort fusion of horseshoes and Frisbee golf. This is a fun camping game for adults in which there are two empty beer bottles, two poles, and a Frisbee. The setup of this game is not very easy; in particular, you have to bring some types of poles with a small platform on one end and then hammering into the ground. Or, instead of carrying them, make the poles by yourselves if you can.

Well, to start the game, you place the poles about 40 feet apart with an aluminum can or a beer bottle on top of each side. The players will stand behind one pole and fling the Frisbee in order to knock the bottle off the opposite pole.

After that, the opposed players will attempt to catch the bottle or Frisbee before either hits the ground. You will score 1 point when the Frisbee lands, 2 points when the bottle reaches the ground. However, if both Frisbee and the bottle are missed, the team tossing the Frisbee will be awarded 3 points.

If you prefer some more challenging things, you can add the rule that all of the participants of the game must always have a drink in one hand. This game is the greatest idea for you to make a big deal at summer holidays. For all of these reasons, I rated it to be one of the greatest camping games for adults.

3. Would you rather

You can play the game “Would you rather” with 2 or more players and nothing to prepare. Sound great, right? This game is a kind of conversational games, in which everyone takes turns asking other on their right or left “Would you rather…”. It is considered as one of the best camping games for adults.

The thing in the blank is up to you; you can give out 2 random options you like to challenge others. After finishing the question, the receiving player has to choose an option.

“Would you rather” game is the chance for you to improve your hypothetical conversations. In addition, all of the campers are possible to be closer when seating and talking each other.

4. Two truths and a lie

Similar to “Would you rather” game, “Two truths and a lie” belongs to kind of conversational games, which enhance the relationship between people and people. This game is going to be played by at least 2 participants. What you need for the game is a paper and a pen in order to write the score.

During the game, each player will take turns sharing three their own facts, of which two are completely true and one is an absolutely lie. The mission of other players is to guess which one is the lie.

To make the game more impressive, you can offer a punishment for the wrong answer by drinking or singing, dancing. Try it and your camp trip will be much more exciting. What wonderful camping games for adults they are, right?


Actually, apart from 4 games I have just shared above, there are numerous other camping games for adults for you to choose. However, with my personal experience, these four camping games are extremely funny and interesting that you should try at least once.

If you have any comments, feel free to share with me at the end of this writing. Keep on subscribing the website for more useful tips and advice.

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