What Are The Best Travel Trailer Decorating Ideas

You are owning a mobile house and looking for travel trailer decorating ideas. You can call it a travel trailer, a camper or a home on wheels! You find it uneasy to figure out the ideas for designing your motorhome or you are flooded with decoration ideas around. Don't worry, because our following article will discuss the best ideas of travel trailer decorations.

The camper’ appearance reflects owner’s lifestyle and tastes. Anyone wants to have a personalized trailer that is made by themselves. Which color or what to paint and draw? You are also considering the method of arranging household equipment. How to put them in right places compactly and neatly. Let’s take a look at our article.


1. Let your trailer compact and spacious

If your mobile home is not much spacious and money is a big problem to you, so you can get references from this tip one. Our methods will help you to set your furniture in neatly and compactly as well as making the whole camper a little roomy. First of all, what you need to do is to avoid unnecessary accessories and decorations. Too many ornaments can lead your home small and cramped with objects. Remember, all objects or item you stop using for a long time mean they are no longer important to you. You can throw them away or bring them recyclable.

Besides, another travel trailer decorating ideas you should apply is to use one leading theme for your entire camper. Just concentrate on one or two themes or artwork you love or your favorite graphics. You must know that dark tones can result in your room gets smaller, in contrast, the bright colors can make your whole trailer lighter and open. With these simple tips, your mobile home looks amazingly great.

2. Decorate your windows in your own way

In addition to theme and paint of your home, window decoration is an important thing contributing your trailer highlighted. You can opt for glass windows, which can prevent the moisture or wetness from the rain and let the light comes into the house in summer. The light in any cases makes the camper bright and fresh. You should choose elegant curtain and window.

The curtain which is made of fabrics not only limits the disturbances but it also absorbs the sunshine and creates the large view. Alternatively, you can design a tiny flowerpot so that the window becomes more adorable. If you are about to renew your windows, you can apply these travel trailer decorating ideas right away!

3. The Nugget Style

Have you ever heard about the nugget style? Have a look at this below picture to understand this style. Beginning at the external view, the outside paint is removed all and covered with a new layer of reddish and pink shades along with narrow stripes. The immemorial and discolored door was transformed into a brand- new modern door with small parallel squares.

On the internal vision, the pink pastel bound from the walls to the lower position. At the cooking side, intelligent space is designed with creative wooden shelves, and rooms attached with ceramic tiles which bring the classy to the camper.

What Are The Best Travel Trailer Decorating Ideas

The Nugget Style

4. Tackle gaps of the paneled walls

Most of trailer home own paneled walls that are the outstanding features of every camper. Many people get trouble with these paneled walls and consider how to do with them because they look a bit rough and less attractive. Most of the camper has upright strips that fill the distance among the wallboard panel. Obviously, they look dull and unfashionable.

You can clear them away by using a putty blend to cover the gap. However, it’s quite difficult to make the holes smooth as the board. A quick fix is that you can use all putty blend to the entire wallboards and the paint. It absolutely works! These travel trailer decorating ideas are easy to apply, right?

5. Do something for the exterior!

Besides inside decorating, the trailer is supposed to have amazing exterior decorations. You can arrange a wooden table with a nice cloth, several plastic chairs. You also should take advantage of some buckets or bottles to hold camping provision. If you do not bother making something complicated, why don’t you try a little plant, which makes your home intimate with nature and open? You can use a good rug that locates above the door to absorb dirt and other chemicals because of the high traffic too.


The travel trailer decorating ideas for your mobile home are numerous. The matter is to apply the decoration that fits your style and your money pocket. With the five decorating tricks we mention above, do you choose your favorite one? Let's your wheel home be creative and unique with our decoration initiatives!

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